11. So is it REALLY this good?

You saw the Facebook ad, did an internet search, read the reviews, and are still skeptical. We understand. We would be too because we are regular people just like you. As one Better Bedder® customer said: she's a cautious consumer. Well, we want to share with you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (which ironically is the all-time favorite movie of the Better Bedder® husband).


The Good

The story is true. Trevor and Tyler are the twin sons of one of the inventors. Grandma really is our 93 year-grandma (the mom of the husband whose favorite movie is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!). We are real people with real families who accidentally invented the Better Bedder®. We are not a big company. And we certainly are not making money on this yet (but we hope). We are as amazed as our customers as to how great the Better Bedder® works. And we get really excited every single time a customer tells us how the Better Bedder® helped them.

The reviews you read are 99% strangers we have never met. The other 1% are friends and acquaintances who bought a Better Bedder® (probably to support us!) and then loved it. We have had tons of sales and very few returns. Returns are a huge pain for us and cost us money that we can't afford. So we would rather tell you all the things the Better Bedder® won't do so that you can be absolutely certain it is what you need. We want everyone to love the Better Bedder® as much as we do. 


The Bad

Our very first return was a guy with an adjustable bed with hoses coming out of the sides of the mattress. We thanked him for the information and put on our website that the Better Bedder® did not work with adjustable beds with hoses. Then, despite the warning, several customers bought the Better Bedder® and let us know that it DID in fact work on their adjustable beds with hoses. Hmm. So we reported this on our website.

Our second return was because her sheets were wrinkled when she woke up. Well, it's true your sheets will be wrinkled when you wake up. You still must smooth your sheets into the Better Bedder® every morning. The few other returns include: the sides are not as tight as the corners; and "it didn't fit". Yes, the sides are not as tight as the corners. The sides "hide" your sheets, but the sides do not compress against the mattress. However, if you want the sides to pull your sheets tightly, read the FAQ #7 about "using two flat sheets to get a tight fit". You can pull flat sheets toward the corners to keep the sides tight. You can make your bottom sheet wrinkle-free when making your bed everyday. You can even have less wrinkles when sleeping throughout the night.

About the Better Bedder® that didn't fit...funny story. We called the customer, Lucie, and asked her to measure her mattress. We discovered Lucie didn't have the king mattress she thought she had. She had a European King from Wayfair. So we learned there are mattresses sold as kings and queens, and they are a few inches short! So for Lucie with the European King, we custom made a Better Bedder® and here is what she said:

...thankfully I had put the better bedder on before I broke my arm. I love it, it works great and I have still been able to change the sheets with my cast on. I have told all my friends about the (we laugh) the bed headband. I think measuring the mattress is the best way to go, to have an accurate size. I would like to commend you on a great product but most importantly the customer service you provided was fantastic and much appreciated. Once again thank you for all your help in this matter. I will spread the word about the Better Bedder, I couldn't believe how many people I spoke with that had the same issue with sheets not staying on the bed. Good Luck

So now, any time we hear that a Better Bedder® "doesn't fit" we ask that you check your mattress size.


The Ugly

We are new at this. People say the craziest things. Thank goodness for all the strangers out there who go on our Facebook ads and pages and speak the truth. Is it worth the price? Well, based on the very few returns and the overwhelming number of people who love it (not like it, but LOVE it), we think it is.

It really is more than a sheet fastener which you can buy for $15. Yes, the Better Bedder® fastens your sheets. You won't kick sheets out. You won't lift the mattress except when you decide to wash the Better Bedder® which should be very infrequently. Your bed sheets will fit your mattress, and you can even use a BIGGER size fitted sheet or a SMALLER size flat sheet (crazy, huh?). It will hold a ton of items for you including CPAC machines, pills, asthma inhalers, guns (yes someone told us this!). Your bed skirt stays in place, hooray! The list goes on. So even if you buy it for one reason and you are not happy about that reason, you may find another reason to love the Better Bedder®. But it's ok if you don't like it.