12. Are those reviews REAL?

On August 18, 2019, someone posted this comment on the Better Bedder YouTube video:

"Actually ... I'd Like to see REAL customer reviews ... from customers ... & NOT from JUST your web site ... before I buy one. From people who aren't getting paid to do it."

What?! It's always a shock to us to read things like this. Why would someone post a lie like this? Well, all we can do is tell the real story. And the real story is that none (not one) of those people are being paid to write reviews. We don't have enough money to pay all these people to post reviews! We are a family-owned business. We don't have a staff of employees. We don't have a marketing company. Our family is writing the Facebook posts, maintaining our website, and hand-writing every thank you note to customers. 

We have not paid anyone to write a review on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere. We have not paid any "influencers" to write about the Better Bedder. Our reviews are 99% strangers who have purchased the Better Bedder and love it. Of course, we've had a handful of friends who bought the Better Bedder and wanted to leave reviews; but we didn't ask for them! We've also given the Better Bedder to a few people who could not afford one. However, we have not paid anyone to write anything about the Better Bedder! Scout's honor!

For those who find that hard to believe, it's easy to verify. Every review on Facebook is connected to the Facebook profile of the reviewer. You can easily find that person on Facebook. There are reviews from almost every state, but of course more reviews are from Louisiana because that is where we are based.

To show you how much people love the Better Bedder, listen to this funny story. Not once, not twice, but three times, we were interrupted in the middle of a live demonstration of the Better Bedder. Once we were at a home and garden show at the New Orleans Superdome, and the other two times we were at a local farmer's market. The "interrupter" was a different person at each of those three events. And each one proclaimed to those watching the demonstration that the Better Bedder is fabulous; it changed their lives. We were stunned! We were not sure if the person was making it up or if they even really had a Better Bedder. We asked them for details so the onlookers would not think we staged it. In each case, the person explained how he or she (or his wife) bought the Better Bedder from here or there. Of course we thanked them profusely. And actually, we had to continue to say it was not staged. Why? Because the comments were over-the-top and almost sounded fake!

As we have said before, the Better Bedder is not for everyone. It won't keep your sheets wrinkle-free. On some mattresses, it may be too loose due to the composition of the mattress or due to the dimensions of the mattress. For some people, the price is too much and their money is better spent on other things. We understand that. As we have said before, this was an accidental invention. It's okay if you don't want to buy it. Just please don't accuse us of being fake!