9. Video: Will this work on my adjustable bed?

We have received feedback from many customers telling us they absolutely love the Better Bedder® for their adjustable beds. But every adjustable bed is different. We have not tested it ourselves, so we can only tell you what customers have told us. While the sheets stay on because the corners of the Better Bedder® hold them tight, the sides of the Better Bedder® loosen when the bed is in the "L" position. Here is one customer review on Facebook:

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Better Bedder. I often awoke several times a night with wrinkled sheets. Some days I felt like a zombie from no sleep. The Better Bedder holds the sheets in place and I sleep so much better THANK YOU! Also, our bed is a Sleep Number Cal-King split. I have absolutely no problem making the two mattresses act as one regular king. This is the perfect solution for my husband and I."

Be sure to measure your mattress. Split king mattresses come in three different sizes: California split king, twin XL split king, and regular twin split king.

Finally, we had several customers tell us that the Better Bedder® works on adjustable beds with hoses. However, we did have one customer say it did not work because of hoses that come out of the end of his mattress. So all in all, the Better Bedder® will keep sheets in place on most adjustable beds!