16. How does the Better Bedder® save me money?

With proper care, the Better Bedder® will last the lifetime of your mattress. In fact, your sheets will last longer when you tuck them into the Better Bedder® because you will no longer be stretching them under the mattress. Fitted sheets wear out quickly with all the pulling and tugging.

The Better Bedder® will also save you money because you can buy flat sheets that are one size smaller. Yes, that's right. If the flat sheet has about three to four inches of excess fabric hanging over all sides of the bed, you can buy a smaller size. So, buy two queen flat sheets for a king bed and save lots of money!

With the Better Bedder®, you’ll never have to buy an entire set of sheets. When your fitted sheet wears out, just replace it with one flat sheet.

Finally, you’ll never again have to buy expensive deep pocket sheets. Sheets of any size will fit your mattress.