7. Video: Will it fit my mattress?

The Better Bedder® sheet fastener is custom-fit for all standard sizes – (California King, King, Queen, Short Queen, Full, Full XL, Twin, and Twin XL). Mattress dimensions are listed at the SHOP page under ADD TO CART. Please measure your mattress before ordering because there are many variations to standard mattress sizes. If you have a non-adjustable mattress with firm sides then standard sizes will work even if your mattress is one or two inches smaller.

We also offer a custom-made Better Bedder® tailored to your precise dimensions. So even if your mattress is not a standard size, there is a Better Bedder® for you. 

The Better Bedder® fits all mattress heights. If your mattress is 17 inches in height or less, you’ll tuck the excess of the Better Bedder® under your mattress. If your mattress is over 17 inches in height, you simply won’t have any excess Better Bedder® to tuck under your mattress. 

The Better Bedder tightly grips the four corners of the mattress. The shorter the mattress the more firm the mattress must be. If your mattress is under 7 inches, then it must be very sturdy for the Better Bedder to work. If your mattress is very soft and flimsy, then when the Better Bedder is at the corners it may bend the mattress instead of gripping it.