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Awesome Better Bedder!!!

Was nervous it wasn’t going to work. We have a king and it was a chore changing the sheets every week. Now it’s so very easy. No more lifting the mattress to get the corners tucked underneath. The older beds had a handle on the sides of the mattress to lift, not any more. Before halfway through the week the corners would start to pop off. Now the sheets stay put all week!! Thank you so much!! Love it!!!!

Great Product

I am very pleased with this product.

Great Product

This is a great product that holds the sheets AND blankets and makes making the bed so much easier.

First night without creases

First night with no creases!!!
My mattress is not thick or pillowtopped and it's hard to find sheets that fit. Each night I awoke due to pressure from creases.
Just got my Better Bedder and slept without problems.

Made our Tempurpedic even better

This is a great product! The one flaw with my adjustment Tempurpedic is that the sheets slip off when we raise the bed. Tried the “suspenders” and they were a huge pain to put on, tore the sheets and still came off. I was worried that I would be living with this for years. Purchased your product a few weeks ago and it has worked perfectly! So much so that my wife asked me to write this review. Great product and the note with the betterbedder was a nice personal touch. Thanks guys!!!

Love the Better Bedder

I have a 55 year old back and changing my sheets always has an impact on it, coupled with a platform bed, it was quite a chore. I purchased it because I felt like I had nothing to lose. I took a chance and purchased two - one to give to my sister who has a bad back.

Tonight will be my 7th night with the better bedder - and I could not be happier. In the time since I finagled the Better Bedder on my matteress, I have only had to re-tighten the bottom sheet once - and that was a breeze! The top sheet and tucked in blanket have not even loosened from the bottom.

I recently ordered two more to give as gifts. I really love this thing!!!

If you have an adjustable bed this is a MUST HAVE

If you have an adjustable bed this is a MUST HAVE. For years the top corners of the sheets and mattress pad of my adjustable bed were always popping off. I tried 3 different sheet fasteners but nothing worked. I saw this and though "why not" so I ordered it. It works like a charm. I have a mattress topper, water proof cover and fitted sheet. They all stay in place now. Thank you Better Bedder!!

The Better Bedder is the solution to my years of struggling to put sheets on my beds. To all of the doubters out there, yes, it does work. This product is amazing, and the company itself is outstanding. I have a pillow top king size mattress with a mattress cover on it and a mattress topper. My sheets stay in place now. I no longer have to raise the mattress to change sheets, only to have them come off at the corners. My sheets have holes in them where I used the corkscrew type of sheet fasteners trying to keep the fitted sheet on the mattress. When I first got my Better Bedder, I couldn't get my sheets to stay in place. I emailed the company, and received an email back. (This was during the pandemic, and after Hurricane Laura made a direct hit here & was then followed by Delta. I say all of that b/c they are a Louisiana company who, also, had hurricane problems, and they still reached out to help me.) Nita suggested that I send them a picture of what was occurring with the Better Bedder on my bed. After looking at my picture, she sent me the solution & BAM!, it works perfectly!! Solution: only put it on the mattress itself. It will hold the topper & sheet in place. I have 4 Better Bedders & I couldn't be happier with them.

You need this!

I have two double beds both at a wall. I had such a hard time putting on the fitted sheets. I needed two people to pull the sheets under the mattress. Now I just tucks the fitted sheets into the Better Bedder. What a difference it makes. No more dreading to clean the sheets. I am thinking of ordering another one for my son's bed because he constantly kicks off his comforter during the night. I'm thinking to tuck the comforter into the Better Bedder . I know that this is not its original purpose . I will let you know how that works out.
Thank you for making bed changing great again!!

I am a good customer

I have already purchased two of your Better Bedded Queen bands. Thanks to you; I no longer must ask someone (outside My home) to make my beds.
Now I am going to Florida and again need another Queen sized Better Bedder. Hoping for a discount.

Love my Better Bedder!

Im 77 and my California King mattress lays inside a waterbed frame. Having to lift that mattress each time was a chore and now I no longer have to do any lifting when changing sheets. Plus I love telling people about the Better Bedder because it works so well and its also so fun to say the name!

Wow, I’m so happy!!!!!

I have struggled with Tempurpedic Twin XL adjustable beds for years. As I get older it’s gotten so much harder with the fitted sheet and the top sheet and blanket would fly out the bottom every few days. Now, I can make the beds in minutes and never have to touch them again until I switch bedding to wash!!! What a blessing!!!


I got this about 6 months ago and was a little skeptical but I went with it anyway. My son helped me put it on the bed since it was a pretty tight fit. I love this!!! It saves my back and hands every time I change my sheets. I bought a mattress that is low and it sits below the wooden frame on my bed so I had to either LIFT up my mattress or push my hands in the sides of the bed to change my sheets. This is a game-changer because now I don't need any help and the sheets stay tucked in for as long as I want before the next change. Worth every penny!!!

Yay! When the Better Bedder is the correct size for your mattress, you no longer have to tuck under your mattress AND sheets stay tightly tucked. Thanks Nancy!

Better Bedder

This better bedded has been a great disappointment! My bottom sheet is no better tucked in than it ever was. I have a sleigh bed, and the mattress is very hard to lift o tuck the fitted sheet. The only difference is that with the better bedder, I can just tuck the
bottom sheet in. But my big problem; the sheet coming very out of the "tuck", has not been helped at all. Very disappointing!

<p>Hi Kathleen, </p>

<p>The Better Bedder is guaranteed. Sheets should NEVER come out of the corners, even when you tug. If sheets come out, either (1) it's the wrong size, too big (2) it's not on properly. Call us at 985 789 6410 and we can help solve it for you.</p>

<p>Also, no need to tuck the fitted sheet under the mattress. Just tuck it into the top of the Better Bedder. Hope this helps.</p>

Not satisfied

I was so hoping to love this. Making the bed with my arthritis has been so hard. I have an adjustment bed frame snd keep it in what is called “zero gravity’s “ position for my back. My fitted sheet is so loose that I tuck it in the Better Bed every night and by morning it’s loose again. I followed the video and even did it twice to see if I did something wrong. The only plus I have is my top sheet does stay tucked it at the foot along with the fitted. But the head of my fitted is very loose. Of course the sides of the my bed are up in the middle so makes the Better Bed stand up above my mattress.
I sure would never recommend spending this much money for someone with an adjustable bed.

<p>Hi Bea,</p>

<p>Fitted sheets should NEVER be loose. It sounds like your queen mattress may be smaller than standard. Is it 58 x 78? Many adjustable mattresses are small as explained on our website which is why the standard size Better Bedder works for 95% but for 5% the Better Bedder is too loose.</p>

<p>Let us know your exact measurements so we can help solve this for you!</p>


I've waited two months to review. I would NOT want to go back to making the bed without the Better Bedder. It's amazing! Fitted sheets weren't my issue, but I wanted a quicker solution for a perfectly tucked top sheet. This is it! No more stripping the bed to get those military corners. It also conveniently holds my phone and glasses at night. I'll be ordering more for our other beds, plus one for my parents, since Mom is the one who ingrained in me that beds have to be perfect, lol.

Did not work for us

Our Fitted sheets are alway lose on all side and slip up. Was hope your product wold keep them in place , it didn't. We need one that is all elastic the whole thing, that word work.

<p></p><p>Hi Sheila,</p>

<p></p><p>Fitted sheets should stay firmly in place at the four corners. The sides of the fitted sheet are tricky because fitted sheets are sewn so that the corners are set in place and the sides cannot be adjusted. If the sides of your fitted sheet are 'too long' for your mattress, they will not be tight. However, with the Better Bedder if you use a flat sheet in place of a fitted sheet, you can get the sides tighter!</p>

<p></p><p>Hope this helps.</p>


I was so excited when I saw the ads. Due to age (76) and arthritis I decided to order one. I placed my order, it was delivered promptly delivered then everything went south. Three men could not correctly place it on our bed even after watching video. (And you know what that's like to get one man to read directions!!!) So it worked somewhat. I sent in a text regarding my difficulties using the product and received a nice answer back that did not help. Meanwhile, we moved. May I return this for a refund or do you have someone in Middle Georgia who could help us. The product idea is great but the actual function not so great.

Hi Helen,

It sounds like you may have the wrong size if you watched the video and three men could not get it on. Or, as we note in the instructions, the 4th corner will never go on if the other three corners are pushed all the way on. The only way the 4th corner goes on is if the other three corners are partially down.

Give us a call at 985 789 6410 and we'd be glad to help figure out if your mattress might be a different size than the Better Bedder.

great time saving product

Great product it works exactly like video states. Can use with older sheets without deep pockets. Bedder keeps sheets in place, even my Husband (the nite wrestler) can't disrupt. Makes making the bed in morning a BREEZE - husband even thinks it is the best buy. Bought 2nd one for captains bed @ summer camp, which make bed much easier to make. Sheets stay put without putting stretch garters on corners to secure - & no broken nails!!

Happy Customers

We just got our new beds put together and we're loving everything about them. I'm so glad I don't have to put the Better Bedders on more than once, like your video and instructions you send with the product are very easy to understand. There is a tight fit for the last corner, but I got them on and we've not had a problem with having our sheets stay in place on the adjustable beds without them I believe that we would because they are so thick.
Thank-You for designing such a unique and wonderful product for this issue.
Very satisfied customers.

The best!

This is amazing! Love my sheets tight and crisp throughout the night! This works with any sheet! Highly recommend!

Great product...well made!

I’m a senior citizen and this product is a back more lifting my mattress! Sheets stay tucked in until removed. I no longer dread weekly sheet changing.


The Better Bedder is a super time saver and headache reliever. Even with high-end extra long luxury sheets, I would have to completely remake the bed at least three times a week because the sheet would never stay tucked under. Now with the Better Bedder, the sheets stay where you put them. When you get up in the mornings, bed making time is cut in half. Changing sheets takes a tad longer now, but completely worth all the time I save later. I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is tired of sheets coming untucked. The entire staff of Better Bedder are super nice and provide top customer service. Save yourself future headaches and get the Better Bedder!!!

My new Better Bedder

I was having trouble making a king sized bed with a foot board. The flat sheet was very difficult to tuck in. I found Better Bedder and decided to try it. It is a fantastic invention that I am so glad to have found it. Now making my bed is not difficult as all, and my bed looks much better since the sheets stay tucked in. Thank you for creating it.

Was looking forward to this product

I made the mistake of buying three at once. If I had bought one to try it I would not have bought the other two. First problem is tucking in the sheet with arthritic hands, it hurts my fingers. I have a sleep number bed and the band moves and doesn't hold my sheets. The one I bought for my 93 year old mother is hard for her to use and she removed it.

Hi Penny,

The easy way to tuck is to flip the corners of the Better Bedder down, then tuck. We have a video online showing how to do this. The Better Bedder is usually ideal for those with arthritis. Also, the band should never move; if the band is moving, then it is probably too big for your mattress (which is why measuring is key). We accept returns in like-new condition. Otherwise, we can do an exchange for the right fit for you. Let us know.