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Wow, I’m so happy!!!!!
Yay! When the Better Bedder is the correct size for your mattress, you no longer have to tuck under your mattress AND sheets stay tightly tucked. Thanks Nancy!
Better Bedder

Hi Kathleen,

The Better Bedder is guaranteed. Sheets should NEVER come out of the corners, even when you tug. If sheets come out, either (1) it's the wrong size, too big (2) it's not on properly. Call us at 985 789 6410 and we can help solve it for you.

Also, no need to tuck the fitted sheet under the mattress. Just tuck it into the top of the Better Bedder. Hope this helps.

Not satisfied

Hi Bea,

Fitted sheets should NEVER be loose. It sounds like your queen mattress may be smaller than standard. Is it 58 x 78? Many adjustable mattresses are small as explained on our website which is why the standard size Better Bedder works for 95% but for 5% the Better Bedder is too loose.

Let us know your exact measurements so we can help solve this for you!

Did not work for us

Hi Sheila,

Fitted sheets should stay firmly in place at the four corners. The sides of the fitted sheet are tricky because fitted sheets are sewn so that the corners are set in place and the sides cannot be adjusted. If the sides of your fitted sheet are 'too long' for your mattress, they will not be tight. However, with the Better Bedder if you use a flat sheet in place of a fitted sheet, you can get the sides tighter!

Hope this helps.

Hi Helen, It sounds like you may have the wrong size if you watched the video and three men could not get it on. Or, as we note in the instructions, the 4th corner will never go on if the other three corners are pushed all the way on. The only way the 4th corner goes on is if the other three corners are partially down. Give us a call at 985 789 6410 and we'd be glad to help figure out if your mattress might be a different size than the Better Bedder.
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Hi Penny, The easy way to tuck is to flip the corners of the Better Bedder down, then tuck. We have a video online showing how to do this. The Better Bedder is usually ideal for those with arthritis. Also, the band should never move; if the band is moving, then it is probably too big for your mattress (which is why measuring is key). We accept returns in like-new condition. Otherwise, we can do an exchange for the right fit for you. Let us know.
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You're right. It doesn't work well on mattresses less than 10 in.
Amazing Product but Tempur-Pedic Owners, Order the Custom Size!!!
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