10. Video: Will it hold my blanket, mattress topper, and mattress pad in place?

Yes, there is enough room in the Better Bedder® to keep your blanket and other items snuggly tucked in at the corners. Remember, the sides of the Better Bedder® are not as tight as the corners; so along the sides of your mattress, your sheets and blankets are tucked in but not gripped. And the Better Bedder will work with any mattress topper—and hold it in place. The trick to the Better Bedder® is to place it so that it grips the sturdy sides of the mattress. If you have a removable mattress topper, the Better Bedder® should sit two inches below it. If you have a sturdy permanent topper, the Better Bedder should sit just below the topper.

The Better Bedder will hold the mattress pad in place as well. Remember though, the Better Bedder® is put on an empty bed and then stays there "forever" as you put sheets on and off the bed. If you frequently wash your mattress pad, then put the Better Bedder® on first and don't tuck the pad under the mattress. Tuck it into the Better Bedder. However, if you don't wash the mattress pad frequently, then put the mattress pad on first and tuck it under the mattress. Both the mattress pad and the Better Bedder® stay on the bed as you put sheets on and off the bed. And yes, even with a blanket, a topper and a pad, all the bedding will stay snug!